Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

One of the schools near us had a little Halloween party for kids last night (the one that was free for under 3-yeah!!). They had lots of crafts and games for older kids-snacks too :) It was mostly geared for the older kids, but Emily still had fun. She enjoyed running around in her costume and also watching all the big kids too. Of course we thought that she was the cutest there :) I thought that there would be other kids in the same costume because we just got it at Old Navy, but she was the only one! There was only one other monkey that we saw too. So that's good-she was somewhat original. Gosh it's starting already-kinda like at a party and you don't want to be wearing the same dress as another

We were able to get a couple of pictures, but of course she would not look at me. I really think that she's playing games. As soon as I'm done taking the picture and put the camera down she looks at me and laughs-what a goober!!! So I feel like lately all my pictures are so bad-oh well. We'll keep working to get a good one.

See-she's cheesing, but not looking at me!

Playing chase with Daddy.

How can she have such a serious face in that silly costume!!

A cookie at the end of the night-what a good girl!

Today at daycare they had a Halloween party. They had a parade in the morning, but Emily doesn't go until the afternoon, so we had to miss that. But everyone was still dressed up (there was another baby in her room that had the monkey-oh well, she's still the cutest!! Ha!!). She really loved it every time that we put the costume on. She's such a girl running around checking herself out-all proud of herself.

I'm kinda sad that I had to work tonight and we weren't able to go trick-or-treating. At least she's too young to know the difference!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Monkey business

We picked out Emily's costume-a monkey costume from Old Navy! She's so cute! I was trying to take a picture while we were trying it on, but she was having so much fun running around in the costume! She was running up and down the dressing room aisle, and spinning around, and checking herself out-it was so cute!! So, the pictures are kinda blurry.

Unfortunately, Emily picked up pink-eye from daycare though this weekend. That kept us from going to my cousin's halloween party yesterday. We were so bummed!!! We were looking forward to going-especially getting to have Emily dressed up-and see what she thought of all the other kids all dressed up. We didn't want to give everyone else pink-eye too though. She also had an ear infection and a pretty bad snotty nose-we definitely didn't want to pass all that along-especially to my cousin's 8 month old!

We've been trying to figure out what we could do though-we've gotta use that super-cute costume!! We're hopefully going to go to one of the area community centers tomorrow night-there should be some fun things there for kids and they get to dress up too (kids and parents under 3 are free-so bonus!!). I have to work on Halloween, Aaron might dress her up to hand out candy-maybe go to a couple doors....not sure yet.

Since we couldn't go to the halloween party, we wanted to do something fun. We decided to go to the pumpkin patch to run around again. Figured there wasn't too much contact with other kids-and wouldn't feel bad spreading germs to kids we didn't bad is that!!!! (She had been on antibiotics and eye drops for maybe 22 hours-wasn't really touching much-besides the ground.....guilty conscious much????)

Not nearly as much fun as the costume party would've been, but at least we got a few smiles!!

Random pictures

OK, just couple other pictures from this wearing Daddy's hat

Just loving how cool she knows she is in her sunglasses....

Fall fun!

Emily and I were playing outside on Friday-crunching all the leaves-she had a great time!

She would not put that pine cone down!

Still has that pine cone!

She was all worn out afterwards-napping so cute with her leg propped up!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Pumpkin Fun!

This past weekend, went to a local farm/pumpkin patch. There was so much to do!! Emily wasn't too excited by the pumpkins at first, but eventually she found some interest in them! She was totally avoiding the camera though. I don' t know how many pictures I took, but she would not look at me every time I had it out-she would avoid all eye contact-goof ball!!!

Have a seat!

Picking out a pumpkin.

Watching the pony rides. You can barely tell, but those are camel rides in the background. Random, but kinda neat to see!!

Just my size!

Emily kept climbing in and out of the seat, but she would not look at me!!!

Fun times! We're going to my cousin's house that lives out here this weekend for a halloween party. I've gotta get her a costume still-better late than never right??!! Should be fun though, we're looking forward to it!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

New Toys!!!

Emily has had a good time playing with her new toys. I keep saying it, but we can really just watch the wheels turning as she puts everything together. So neat to watch! Here's just a few pictures of her new toys. As I put them up there I see that most of them she's in her PJs-oh well, we like to live comfortable!!

Giving her doll a kiss-so sweet!

She thought that she'd try to drink the doll's bottle though.

Putting the babies paci in her mouth....good girl!

This ball-popper toy is great!!!

She can draw with the Aquadoodle too-mostly likes to just put the pen in her mouth, but at least it's just water....honestly I like to write and draw on it too-fun times!

Playing with her house.

She'll pull her doll up into her rocker with her....pretty cute!

Doesn't that look like fun? (Yes they're recycled from her bday...note-don't use santa tissues if you're ever at our place!)

Her jump and spin zebra-sooo much fun!!!

This is her new cheesy little grin when you tell her to smile for a picture. She stood there and posed with that little smile...little cheeser!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Birthday Pictures Finally!

OK, so finally here are some pictures from Emily's birthday party! It really was such a good time. It isn't very often that both of our families get together, so it was good to get to see everyone. It really made us want to be moving back home as soon as possible!! Emily really was good throughout the whole thing. She had a good time playing with her cousins (and second cousins!). It's been so fun to watch her with her new toys here at home. I didn't think that she was getting bored with the ones we had, but apparently so!! She's so fun to watch though, you can just see the wheels turning in her head as she's playing-taking it all in. She figures things out so fast-of course she's so smart :)

Emily and Grandma going on a walk.

We got to spend some time with Aaron's family that weekend too-a silly family picture.

Kevin, Emily, Jack and Alexis (Aaron's uncle is being funny to make them laugh-you can see it in the window-totally makes the picture!!! :)


Let's see do you open this??

Her favorite gift was the $1 box of tissues that we got her at Big Lots (a Christmas box at that!)

She just had a blast taking them all out of the box!!

Family picture.

Kristie, Todd and Jack (Aaron's brother and family)

A little nervous about the candle.

But, mmmmm this is good!!!


Hey-this is fun!!

Touchdown!!! (By the way-go Bucks #1!!!!!!)

She was even kind enough to share with me :)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

More random pictures...

Just a few more pictures that I've missed that are just too fun to not put up here...

Somehow found the cookies-smart girl :)

She climbs into her rocker to sit all the time-big girl!!

All these toys, and she likes the pizza box...oh well!

Checking out her birthday present before I wrapped it...good thing she's too young to notice! She did think it was pretty cool though!

I thought that I really should have a picture of her actually on her birthday....she was playing hard to get though-I was seriously chasing her around the apartment trying to get a decent picture, but she would turn and run away-she likes to play chase....So these were all I got-oh well, she's still cute!

I actually had to hold her down for this one!