Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Lake Buckhorn

This summer we went and spent a couple days at Lake Buckhorn where my Great Aunt and Uncle have a house. It was a great get a way for the night. So peaceful-well, as peaceful as it can be with Emily around! I wasn't sure how Emily would be, but she had a great time (besides the weird non-sleeping, crying fits in the middle of the night!). We went out on a boat ride, did some fishing, ate some good food, and just relaxed.

Emily was surprisingly super excited to get her life jacket on.

Checking out the lake.

Mom, Aaron and Emily. Emily's a little nervous!

Took her a few minutes to get comfortable...

then she loved it!

Getting ready to do some fishing with Aunt Amy and Uncle Tom.

I sooo know nothing about fishing! Emily was having fun though.

Her pole wasn't in but a minute and she had a bite!!!

Emily didn't quite know what was going on-of course we were all cheering and excited for her!

Family picture with Emily's first catch!

Back at it again!

She was so calm and still.

Our little fisherwoman!

What a fun weekend! Looking forward to doing it again!