Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Beco the baby elephant, and a new sandbox!

A bunch of mommies from work met with our kids to see the new baby elephant at the zoo!  We managed to not have to wait in line too long, and the kids were pretty excited to see Beco!  Emily did pretty good for hanging out with new kids for the first time.  She was pretty cute trying to join in with the girls that already knew each other.  They all ended up playing well for the rest of the day!  
Lunch break.

  Why does she have to be showing off her belly??   

Emily in front of the Rhino-actually smiling for a picture!

Baby and Mama were staying cool inside this afternoon.  How little and yet at the same time-how big!

OK, so none of them are really looking...cute still.

Emily got a new sandbox!  She loves to go out and play in it!  She is truely just ignoring me...she never wants to look at the camera!

She must have gotten all those beads when she was showing her belly at the zoo :)

Sorry Em, it's the closest we've got to a beach around here.

Camden's first birthday

We got to go celebrate Camden's first birthday with Aaron's family. It was a great time to get together-and the kids had a great time playing! Emily was a little unsure as to why it was someone else's birthday and not hers-but was just fine to have some cake regardless!

The birthday boy.

Emily was commenting on the mess that he was making. Has she not seen the floor after she eats??

Emily and Alexis running off to play.

Playin' the saxophone.

We were trying to get a picture of the kids. Emily wouldn't sit unless I was there though, so I got to be in the kid picture!

Aaron's cousin Kevin, his wife Krista (and baby #2!) and Camden getting into his cake.

Emily-just chillin'.


Just some cuteness from this spring. Thought I'd pass it along! Emily is so much fun! She always has something to say-I don't know where she'd get that from! She has a little (OK a lot!) of independence in her too. That can be a challenge, but we keep reminding ourselves that it's a good trait to have!

Messy cookie in the car!

It really hasn't been that cold-she just wanted to wear the hood from her winter coat-silly girl!

So close to the kangaroo at the zoo!! She wouldn't turn around though to let me get her face-she didn't trust the kangaroo enough to turn her back to it!!

She loves to play dress up!

This was just too funny! I think she was done with pictures for the day.