Wednesday, March 25, 2009

SC visit

We finally made it down to Charleston to visit. I can't believe that it had been so long! We do not want to wait that long before the next visit for sure! We had so much fun staying with our friends Tom and Christine. Ella and Emily had a great time playing with each other!! We went to our friend Mac's surprise birthday party, went to (his wife) Rebecca's baby shower, and of course went to the beach!!! Emily hadn't been to the ocean since she was a baby, so we were excited about that. She kept saying that she wanted to go swimming in the ocean, but it was definitely too cold for that. We'll just have to go back soon when it's warm! Now that our life is mostly settled, we will have to get down there more often-it was so nice to be back down there!

We did notice that there are no adult pictures. All Emily. I swear that Aaron and I were down there and had fun with our friends too!!

Ella and Emily at Sam's club.

Emily liked sitting in the rocker on the porch!

What a tough life right there!

Ready to go!

She loved it-of course!

Not too sure about the water-in her defense-it was freezing!

She could have ran around out there all day!

Sleepy after a hard day playing at the beach.

Bath time!!! Getting both of their attention at the same time is such a task!

All clean :)

A chocolate milkshake on the drive home-yummy!

Silly Emily!

Just a few pictures of Emily being silly! We get more than our daily dose here. She is such a goof ball sometimes-I have no idea where she'd get that! :)

Just chillin' in her baby dolls carrier, drinkin' her baby doll's bottle.

My little mommy.


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Time Flies!!

I have felt like I have been so busy lately-I'm not sure what it is though. We're really not doing that much stuff. I've been picking up a little bit of overtime-but still that shouldn't be enough to throw me off. However-life keeps going! I wish I could have just a day where time stands still while I catch up on things-cleaning, organizing, taxes, reading books! I have so much I want to do-but haven't figured out how to do it! Of course playing on here isn't helping me any, but that's something I want to do to-keep up to date-how do you do it super-moms??? How do you get everything done-and still have time for the fun stuff??

Emily painting-so much fun!

Emily is such a sweetheart with babies. She's always taking care of her doll babies, but she is also super sweet with 'real' babies! It is amazing to watch, just brings tears to my eyes every time I see how tender and caring she is. Calms right down to take care of them. I love it!!

Here' s Emily talking to our friend Julie's son Kelton.

She brought him toys to play with and just laid there talking sweetly to him.

I know it's blurry, but you can still see her being sweet. Kelton was a good sport about it all too-he didn't seem to mind all the attention!

We had brought the exersaucer up for Kelton, and of course Emily thought that was great!!! We did end up leaving it upstairs for a couple of weeks and she was probably in it at least once a day...goof ball! Just making sure we got our money's worth of course.