Thursday, June 26, 2008


YYAAAYYY!!!!! We closed on our house this morning!! Everything went smoothly-much better than the first time we closed on a house. We will be moving mostly Sunday and Monday. I hope the next two days fly by-we can't wait to get in there! Apparently the house next door to us has a little girl Emily's age. We know that we've seen all kinds of kids outside playing. The people that we bought it from agreed that there are all kinds of kids in the neighborhood, and said that everyone by us is really nice. Sounds like there are lots of cook-outs and get togethers. We can't wait to get in there!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I had recently noticed when I am counting something out loud with Emily I'll say 'one' and then she'll say 'dooo.' I'll repeat 'two' and then she'll say 'freee' and I'll return 'three.' (She never starts with one by herself though). I kinda didn't think too much of it-was still trying to figure out if she really knew what she was saying. Well, 2 nights ago as I was putting her to bed. We had the same start as usual with the one, two, three. After she had said 'freee' I repeated 'three.' She then said 'fawr', I repeated 'four', then 'ive' (five), 'sis' (six), she skipped seven and went right to 'ate' (eight), 'nin' (nine). She was sitting on my lap looking at a book. My jaw just dropped as she kept going. I could not believe it! So much for winding down time-I called Aaron and my mom into the room-"Oh my gosh, I swear she just counted to nine!!" First Aaron comes in and says-well I've been working on it (with one of the counting books we have). Then when my mom comes in she too says that she's been reading that book a lot with her. I suppose I have too, because she always wants to read it, but I guess I never thought that it sunk in. I'm sure she doesn't really realize that she's counting. She's probably just reciting what she's heard us do so many times-but still it's crazy!! Just more proof that they really are soaking in everything that you say!! Besides-it's more fun to just brag on her and say how stinkin' smart she is!! :) Now, if we could only get her to do it again!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Emily has been obsessed with her sunglasses lately. She won't take them off-inside or out. We even dropped her off in the toddler room at church with them on. She reminds me of that kid in Adam Sandler's movie 'Big Daddy' when he wears the sunglasses all the time to be invisible. She always acts so cool when she's got them on too....where's she get that? :)

Whatchu lookin' at?

She puts them on all by herself (upside down a lot of the time).

My mom took this the other day while they were taking a walk. Apparently she sat like this the entire time!

I was looking around and found other pictures with her sunglasses on (somehow the same pair!). Just thought I'd throw them in here again. I can't believe how much she's grown-even from last summer! It's amazing. Everyone always says how quick they grow. Man, are they ever right!

Emily and Jack maybe May of 2007? sophisticated...

At Geoff's high school graduation June 2007.

Swimming in the pool with Saylor-maybe June 2007??

Oh man, there was one more that I was trying to find of Emily with her sunglasses. We were actually at Kohl's and I put a pair of huge sunglasses on both of us. She and I both kept them on the rest of our time shopping there, and I took a picture of it. Of course it was on my phone that I can't get to the pictures because the screen broke. I have not given up on getting the pictures off it, and this is just one more reason to keep trying to get them....well, I suppose you could imagine what it looked like! Anyways-enjoy your sunglasses this summer!

The Park

We went to the park with Saylor and Michelle the other day. Emily has so much fun every time we go! It's so much fun to watch her inquisitiveness (is that a word?).

Getting ready to go down the slide.

Should I do it?

Here I go!!!

She only likes the swings for a minute or two. She probably doesn't like being contained!

Whee-so much fun!

Wasn't too sure about this slide....went down it though!

She really loves music. She'll even sing you her own song as she's plays the piano herself!

Family visits

Emily had a busy couple of days playing with some of her cousins that were in town visiting. Lots of playing, eating and shopping. Not a bad life! Aaron's brother was in town for business leaving Kristie and Jack with nothing to do besides go shopping with Emily and I! :) We usually can put quite a dent in the checking account when we're shopping together, but we didn't do too bad this time. We did still manage to find some good deals though! Emily is catching on quick too. She'll point out 'shoos' and will give her opinion-yes or no-if she wants them or not. She will be still to try them on-and then looks down and checks them out. I love it-she's already into shoe shopping...sometimes we don't quite agree on which ones are the cutest, but still-so great to have a daughter!!

Funny story-There are fun fountains to play in at Easton. The water just comes out of the ground at different times from different spots. Kids come in their swimsuits and play in it all day long. Emily has been scared so far to get too close, so I was trying to help her warm up. I thought that I had the timing down-well, not so much. Just as I was stepping over the last one it sprayed-right between my legs! I was soaking wet-probably scared Emily more than it got her used to it. It was hysterical though!! Then I was walking around Easton like I wet my pants-I just had to buy a new skirt so that I wasn't looking like such a dork!

Here's a picture of my soaking wet pants-kinda hard to tell too much-but you get the idea!

Awww, she's giving Jack a hug.

Jack, Emily and Kristie watching the train go around at Easton.

The kids could've watched it forever!

One of my cousins was in town from San Diego. We got together for dinner and play time iwith the kids. Their daughter Anabelle is 8 months older than Emily. It took a little while to warm up. Of course right before we left they decided to play together.

Anabelle and Emily running around.

Emily-so cut ein her pigtails!

We are so excited to move this weekend! We can not wait to finally have our own space again! Hopefully next time our friends and family are in town to visit, we'll be hosting the fun!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


We love having our zoo pass. We went 2 days in a row last week! It's so nice to just go for a little while and not have to stress to see everything in one day. We can take our time and when Emily (or Mommy!) gets cranky we can leave! Emily has a good time seeing all the animals. Her favorites are monkeys, elephants and snakes. I think snakes only because she likes to say 'sssssssss' and imitate them!

This was before we left for the zoo the other day. Some example I set-driving and talking!

Get outta my way!!

Here's the first day that we went into the petting zoo part of the zoo-she didn't know what to do she was so excited!! Wasn't too sure about petting anything though.

We went on a boat ride at the zoo the next day-how fun!

She got a little closer the second day

Trying to give them pieces of straw.

Sprinkler time

So we got out the sprinkler to play the other day.

Emily finally got close and got a little wet...

Not a big fan! Avoided it the rest of the day. Oh well, we'll try again soon.

Instead we went for a walk in the wagon. Or at least with the wagon!

She had fun pulling it-too bad I wouldn't fit in it for a ride!

Come on Mom!!

Emily and Saylor watching a movie together.

Aren't they cute??!!

Play Time

We've been having a lot of fun this summer. The weather has been warm and perfect for playing outside. Emily absolutely loves being outside! In less than 2 weeks we'll be in our new house-can not wait!!!


Emily loves to drive her car around the court.


Emily and Saylor on a wagon ride. They don't usually sit like this for too long-had to grab a picture quick!

Running with Daddy.

Working on Cornhole.....she'll get it soon I'm sure!

I love this one!! (Just wish I could've gotten her looking at me!)