Monday, January 26, 2009

Finally caught up!!!

So, January has brought us lots of cold weather- and a bit of snow! We've gone out to play in the snow a few times-Emily really enjoys it! However, she does completely boycott mittens....her poor hands get so cold-and we don't end up staying outside too long (good for Mommy!). I was a little bummed though because she is not interested in having hot chocolate when we come in-that is totally the best part of playing out in the snow!! Oh well, I have hot chocolate by myself-yummy!! So, here's what we've been up so far this month!

Emily was excited the first time she got to use the snow shovel she got for Christmas. I love her face in this picture-goofy girl!

Hard at work!

Just like Daddy!

She loves to make snakes and bouncy balls out of play-doh. Keeps her busy for quite a while :) Although, she has tried to actually use them as bouncy balls-doesn't go over so well-then you find dried play-doh all over the house! She actually said 'cheese' when I told her to smile for this picture-I don't know if I've ever told her to say cheese before-smart girl!

We went to the library one morning with Saylor and Aunt Shell, despite the picture they really did have fun!

She wanted the Buckeye hat-so she had to steal it off my head-she looks good in it though, so I couldn't argue!

Our snowman! Emily was super excited about the carrot nose-she talked about it all day before and after we made the snowman. (I wasn't thinking too much and she's looking right at the sun-that's why her eyes are all squinty-oops!)

Here she is making that cute face again! She makes me laugh!

Giving the snowman a hug (we finally added some arms to him).

Self portrait! Kinda into the sun-and no makeup-ick!!!

We had a couple days where it warmed up a little bit (snowman is looking a little rough out there) but we've got more snow headed our way over the next couple of days. More fun for Emily, but Aaron and I can't wait for winter to be over!!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

More Christmas!!!

After Christmas we were able to go up to visit Aaron's mom and family as well. Much easier to drive 2 hours than 6 or 12 hours!!! It was great to get to catch up with everyone!

Emily playing with her new crayons and book-Thanks Aunt Jan!

Family picture with Grandma Esther.

Emily trying to show baby Macey the kitty cat under the tree.

Giving her Great Grandma a hug :)

Emily with Aunt Jan.

Emily loved this snow-globe music-box that Aaron's mom gave to her. She just sat and watched the carousel horse go around while the music played-mesmerized!

She loves it!!

Emily had a great time!


Christmas was so much fun this year!!! Emily enjoyed all of it! (OK, except sitting on Santa's lap). It was so neat to see the whole holiday season through her eyes. She took it all in! She's still singing 'Jingle Bells' and it's the middle of January! Being close to family for the holidays was great too. We got to see everyone, which really meant a lot!

Emily trying on her new Dora PJ's from Crystal and Katlynn.

Christmas morning on our way downstairs to see what Santa brought. She's not quite sure what to think yet.

She loved her new easel that Santa got her. We had to talk her into opening her other presents!

You can't tell here, but she took her time opening each one-one little piece at a time.

Then, she would play with that gift and we would have to convince her to open another one-we could have been opening presents for days! On second thought, we should have done it that way! She does a good job taking care of her babies though! :)

Taking a break.

Playing with her new tea set from Uncle Todd and Aunt Kristie-Thank you so much!!


Opening presents at Grammy and Papa's house.

Family pictures time!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Christmas cookies!!!

I was so excited to make Christmas cookies this year. I knew Emily would have such a good time helping out. She's such a big helper anyways, and to be able to make such a big mess while she's doing it-I knew it'd be right up her alley!

Emily's all ready to go!

Helping Daddy roll out the dough.

Placing the cookie cutter just right.

Making another one.

Aaron showing her how to ice the cookies-this very quickly became her favorite part!

Most of the time the icing ended up in her mouth instead of on the cookie!

She kept saying she had to 'taste' it....she learned how that works pretty fast! She looks so grown up here to me.

Of course the sprinkles!!! Emily had a lot of fun with this!! I think it stressed Aaron out-all these little decorations and colored sugar rolling all over the floor! It was worth the mess though-she had a great time!

They were extra yummy in the end too!!

Tara's Wedding!

My friend Tara got married December 13. It was a couple hours away, so Aaron and I got a hotel, Emily stayed at my mom's house, and we had an entire night away to ourselves!!! It was nice to not feel like we needed to get home or the thought of Emily waking us up really early while we still needed to sleep off a hangover! :) The hotel was right next to (shared the parking lot with) where the reception was-so that was real nice too-no need to drive!!! We fully took advantage of that! It was great to just have a night out together!! Of course great too to be with friends at a great wedding!! A lot of the girls that I used to work with at OSU were there-it was fun to be able to see all of them again too!

What a pretty cake!


The group of OSU staff (I'm hiding back there!)

Aaron was zooming in trying to get me, I suppose....

Jen and me.

Congratulations Tara and Dave!!!! What a fun time!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Saylor's Birthday Party

Saylor's "other" grandma had family over to celebrate Saylor's 2nd birthday. It was a good time hanging out with the Rigsby's and the kids had soooo much fun and played very well together!

I'm pretty sure she had all the icing off the top of this cupcake.

They had a blast playing foosball!

The birthday boy-such a cutie!!

Emily enjoyed riding the rocking horse.

We discovered that Emily loves to play the drums!! Who knew?!

She would've sat there all day (if our ears could've handled it!).

She has such good form too-a natural!

Emily and Saylor were getting treadmill rides-and loved it!!

Happy Birthday (Dec 7) Saylor!

Christmas Decorations and 'sledding'

Well, winter is finally here. We knew it was coming. All that warm weather that lasted late into fall sure was teasing us though! We've had a good time though, regardless of having to dress in layers. Emily enjoyed getting the Christmas decorations out and talking about Santa, reindeer, and snowmen. Emily taught Aaron and I that not only does Santa say "Ho Ho Ho," but snowmen do doo! Also, just in case you ever wondered, Old McDonald has both of them on his farm as well. We sing that song probably four thousand times a day. Never a dull moment.

Emily has learned to roll her tongue-so funny!

Actually smiling for a picture at dinner one night!

Helping Daddy put ornaments on the tree.

Putting ornaments on by herself.

We had a small layer of snow, that we took Emily out to play in. We spent more time getting her all dressed up!! She refused to wear her mittens though-and was paying for it later with freezing little fingers!

OK, so we don't have a sled, but Aaron had the idea that a boogie board would work just as well.

It sure did!!! Emily loved being pulled around the court on it!

This made me laugh though as I was walking behind them. The palm trees as it's gliding through the snow! Shows where we'd like to be about now!