Monday, July 6, 2009


Just a few random pictures from this summer.

This was the March of Dimes walk in May.  Most of the group of people from work that were there.   It was a nice day-and a great turn out of people!! 

I just think this is so fun!  Little Mommy!


On the playground at the mall.
A friend of mine had her 30th birthday party.  They rented a party bus, drove around Columbus, we got to go out-and the bus took us back home!   So much fun!  
Tiffany and I.

Tiffany, me, Jenny, Jen, Angel and Skye (birthday girl!)
Same picture different camera.

It was so much fun!!  Well deserved night out!  

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Visit to Wisconsin

Over Memorial Day weekend we went to Wisconsin to visit with Aaron's brother and his family.   It was so much fun to get to spend time with them.  That was one benefit of living in Chicago-we were so much closer to them!  We always have a good time when we're together.  The boys get to play some golf-and the girls get to shop :)  We drove up this time, stopping to pick up Aaron's mom on the way.  It was kind of a long drive-but Emily did good!  Dramamine was on board of course to prevent any car sickness.  It helped Emily, and therefore Mommy too, get some sleep in the car!!  We got to be there for Jack's first Tee-ball game and also for his preschool graduation too.  Emily and Jack had so much fun together too.  They got along so well.  Jack was such a good sport with Emily.  He happily played with her, and willingly shared his toys with her.  It was so fun to see them playing together!


Emily actually posing for pictures in Grandma's backyard.

Emily absolutely LOVED riding in Jack's cars.  He was so nice to drive her around :)
They drove the cars all around all weekend long.  
Jack at his Tee-ball game.

Emily playing in the dirt at the game.  Oh well-it kept her occupied.

They had their own little band.  I love Emily's cheesy smile here!

Such a big girl heading in for Jack's preschool graduation.

Congratulations Jack!!!!  

Of course more driving the next day. 

It gave us adults time to sit, talk, relax (maybe a few drinks enjoyed too!).

Emily actually got on the little 4 wheeler all by herself as we were getting ready to go to Jack's graduation.  Everyone was loading up the cars, we looked up and said "Where's Emily?" and right on cue you see Emily barreling out of the garage on the 4 wheeler-she ran right into a large flower pot that they had out on the driveway and knocked it over.  Thankfully she didn't get hurt-just her pride.  She was a little startled.  We all thought that it was pretty funny though.  Right as we asked where she was she comes out-as if it was staged or something!  She was talking about it the rest of the day too.  She learned her lesson!
So, after that, Aaron was helping her to do it by herself.

She was able to get the hang of it-she could barely reach the pedals!

Once again-Jack was so sweet to help her.  

We propped her up so that she could reach the pedals on the Jeep.  She looks all grown up.  Yikes!!!  Flash forward 14 more years!!!

We hardly have any pictures of us here's a self portrait....not the best-but it's us!!

We went to Build-a-Bear.  It was Emily's first time.  Jack is a pro.  Emily was so excited!

The look on her face as they filled up her little lamb she pick out. 

Of course-more riding.  

He's such a cutie!


Not sure what she's doing exactly.

Emily and Jack holding hands at the zoo.

As we were loading up the car to leave-Emily sleeping through it all-what a fun weekend!

We had such a great time!  We were lucky to have decent weather.  We got to do a bunch of fun stuff and also got to relax and just spend time together too.  It was great!  We can't wait to see them again soon!!

Friday, July 3, 2009


We got to go to the circus!  We had a great time!  We got there early and got to go see all the animals before the show.  We also got to go down on the floor to see a bunch of performers before the show too-it was neat to see them up close-Emily was in awe!!  

Twisty twirly light up thingy-$22

Cotton Candy-$12 (can you believe it??!!)

(At least it came with a hat)

The look of pure joy on her face-Priceless  :)



Family self portrait.

We decided after seeing these pictures that we had to get a new camera before we go to Disney in July.  Aaron's been on a mission to find the best, most practical camera (in our price range of course).  He gets to look into the technical stuff-and I get to play with a new camera!!!