Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Future Falcon Golfer??

Go BG!!!
Emily was showing some Falcon pride with her BGSU shirt.  Practicing standing-she's lasting 20-30 seconds now before she realizes that no one is holding on to her!  

 Today she was playing with Daddy's golf clubs.  I don't know-we may be looking at the future of the LPGA!!!  HA!!  She also decided that the golf ball fit well in her mouth...actually pretty funny to watch her keep putting it in her mouth...don't worry, we took it away from her after the pictures were taken-choking hazard or something like that I'm sure...

Gee...look at all the toys we were playing with....what a mess!!  Spoiled much?  Well I had a good 4 days off in a row...always sucks going back to work.  I think that Emily likes playing with the other kids at daycare though, she always seems to have fun there-thank goodness!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Ok, so it looks like I can't do videos on here yet...soon....so, I will put them on myspace videos....
OK, here's a couple of videos from yesterday-she's started to push her little cart thingy and walk with it-no help needed anymore!!  So funny to watch!!  I really wish she had more room to walk around with it...soon enough...Allright, well-I guess I can't upload videos yet...I'll work on that!  It's so fun to watch her though.  My mom says I was walking at 9 months, Emily will be 9 months next week-looks like she might be too!  We really liked the Evanston area when we looked this past weeekend.  Looks a bit pricey though...we're still gonna look in that area though.  We'll see.  Ok, I'm gonna work on the video thing-cuz they are so cute!!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Just a couple of pictures...one of Emily playing outside blowing bubbles....and one of Saylor and Emily when they got to play together at Uncle Geoff's graduation...it was fun to watch them with each other-mostly just checking each other out....not too sure what to think....fun fun fun!

Nothing new

Well, nothing too much new is going on.  We're still trying to sell the house-had a fence built there this week-it will be such a weight off our shoulders when that sells.  It seems like any changes in our life (my job, where we're going to live, etc) are on standstill until this house sells.  Soon enough I know...trying to patiently wait.  I've had a couple of breakdowns this past week or so.  Not like me to have so many of those!!  I don't feel like I'm stressing over any one thing, but it seems like the layers of so many things just kinda add up and really get to me...the house, money (paying for the house), where are we going to live, I'm not liking my job too much now, where will I work when we move, can we afford to live somewhere where we want to live, Aaron hasn't been feeling well (mono?), insurance is stupid-no dr until July, working opposite schedules and not getting to spend much time together, not having a babysitter to get to spend time together alone, not sleeping a solid night since well before Emily was born, living in an apartment with half of our stuff (I miss our king size bed!!!)......uuuggghhhh I guess it all just kinda adds up and gets to me.....this too
shall pass I know.....

Emily is getting into everything that she can reach-it's a lot of fun!!!  She'll try to kinda stand by herself-she lasts a few seconds....walking soon I'm sure.  She's just a giggly ball of energy-I love it!  She learns something new everyday-and seems to be changing so fast!!  She really brings you back to what's important when life starts to get kinda crazy.  We've gotten to go to the apartments pool a few times-she's not quite sure what to think, but she seems to like it!  

We're going to be going this weekend to look at some condos in Evanston, 
and to check out the Evanston area in general.  We've heard a lot of good 
things about the area there, and it should be a good spot for me to work 
downtown.  We'll see!!!  I'm just going to enjoy the weekend
off with Aaron and Emily!! 

Friday, June 15, 2007

Just wanted to try something new....we'll see-maybe I will keep this updated....That's the plan at least...Just a picture from a friend's wedding in the beginning of May.  It's finally getting warm here in Chicago-they call it hot on the weather reports-after the last few summers in Charleston, I would hardly call this hot.  I'm sure in  a year or two our idea of "hot" will change again-just as
our idea of "cold" changed while we were in SC.  Regardless, we're enjoying the warmer weather.  
We're still praying that our house will sell soon!!  I'd like to be able to find a 
new  place to live with a little more space than the apartment here.  
Although having the pool at the apartment 
this summer should be nice.  Emily seems to like swimming.  
I hope everyone is enjoying their summers!