Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Cell phone random pictures

I was going through my cell phone pictures and found a bunch of cute ones from this summer. Just thought I'd throw 'em on here.

This is when we were at Lakeside this summer. Emily and my sunglasses-go figure!

Just after we moved into our new house our neighborhood had a block party-conveniently in the court that we live in! Emily loved playing in the jump castle they had there!

She had so much fun!!

We have been introducing the 'potty.' Emily will sit (and play) every now and then.

Just reading.

Emily and I spent an afternoon at the pool. She was a little nervous in the big pool-but had a good time in the baby pool. Of course she loved that she could wear her sunglasses!

I think this one's cute-drinking her juice.

Helping me put together a bookcase.

We were getting pizza and Emily insisted that she wear her 'coat,' despite the fact that it was 90 degrees outside. Such the little style maven. Again with her sunglasses.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Keepin' Busy

Just a few pictures of some fun we've had the last few weeks. Nothing too exciting-just keepin' busy! Emily is talking more and more every day-she'll repeat pretty much anything you want her too-which Aaron especially has fun with! She has replaced her previous Wiggles obsession with Cinderella. That has been fun though-she is definitely a girly girl-and I love it!

Emily playing on the playground at the rec center.


I told her to pose for a picture-and this is what I get!

We went to the zoo with Michelle and Saylor. We were taking advantage of the cute little pumpkin photo-ops they had set up.

This is them giving each other hugs.

Impossible to get them both looking at the camera at the same time.

Emily's hugging the pumpkin.

We went to the park with Michelle and Saylor too. Emily likes the swings.

I love this picture!!!!

Yes, she still has her paci. She thought it was quite funny the other day to have two in her mouth. At this rate we'll never get off the paci!! I think the paci fairy is gonna have to come sometime this year....In her defense she woke up with pink eye the morning of this picture.