Sunday, May 3, 2009

More Easter fun

We went to Grammy and Papa's house to color Easter eggs.

Saylor was being ornery like Emily does-not wanting to smile for pictures.

We also looked for Easter eggs at Grammy and Papa's house.

The chocolate in her Easter basket was Emily's favorite!

They both got bouncy ball thingys and had a blast playing on them!

Of course, the favorite thing that she got from the Easter bunny -Chocolate!!!

Easter Egg Hunt

Emily was a little nervous of the Easter Bunny at first. Then she realized that he was handing out candy-and could not get to him fast enough!!

She even gave him a little hug!

She wasted no time digging into her chocolate-of course!

When it came time to 'find' the eggs, she was ready to go.

Except, after she picked up each egg, she wanted to open it up and eat the candy that was inside. She was in no hurry!

Emily and I with Michelle and Saylor.

Daddy and Emily (she's obviously busy eating her candy!)

They were not too excited to be in the giant Easter basket.