Saturday, March 8, 2008

Moving Day!

Finally here are some pictures from the move. Poor Emily had no clue what was going on! She was a pretty good sport through it all. She even tried to help us a little!

Just chillin' watching the Wiggles.

"We have to put my barrettes somewhere safe Daddy!"

She seriously wheeled that cart all the way out without us telling her too. She saw us doing it and decided she could help too!

It was hysterically cute! She was so serious about it too!

YAY!!! Stupid apartment is empty!!!!!

We did get a tasty Chicago treat to go though!! Yummm!!!

We never really thought that we would be moving back to Ohio, but we are so glad to be back.
Funny how things work sometimes!! Now if only our house in SC would sell....

Pictures are in!

I've finally gotten the pictures into the computer! I had taken a few pictures of Emily at her daycare the last week before we moved. She loved it there! She's begun to adjust to her new daycare. She still cried for a couple of days, but Thursday and Friday she didn't cry and even reached for her teacher when she got there. She's the youngest in the class right now-but I think that she'll be able to find a couple of buddies there.

So excited as she's walking in. (Yes, we still have our SC plates!).


This was Emily's favorite teacher Miss Brittany.

Playing in her classroom.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Well, jeesh, I had been so excited that I was keeping everything all up to date......OK, then we moved!!! Things were a little unsure for awhile, but right before we moved, we learned that Aaron was going to be able to work from home! So, he still gets to be an employee of home office, and also live in Ohio by our families-the best of both worlds! However, until he gets the computer from Allstate to work on all day-we've only had one computer. I can't very well get on to 'play' when he's supposed to be working! Aaron has enjoyed working from home-in his PJs mind you!! Shoot, I would too-that's guaranteed!

I just started with Nationwide Children's Hospital yesterday. All the exciting hospital orientation is going on this week and next. I know that it is supposed to make you all mushy gushy excited about the hospital and all-but it is working! It seems like a really good time to be getting into their hospital-they are doing a lot of growing and getting a lot of recognition. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know-but I am excited to be getting back to work! Definitely never will replace MUSC!!!

Emily did end up having to go to daycare-just for a half day in the mornings. She's had a rough time with that so far this week :( Hopefully it will be better every day. Especially since I have to go everyday this week and next! I think I'm handling it a little better than last time since Aaron has been taking her. I just hope it goes easier every time-she loved her old day care so much!! She has totally loved playing with Saylor though! They have been so much fun to watch play with each other, and interact with each other. Emily says "Lay-lay" and will give him kisses!! So sweet!!

Basically things have been going pretty good since we got here. We've both said how it is just feels like such a relief to be back 'home.' We never thought it would feel that way, but it does. Of course it doesn't mean that everything is easy. With half of our things still in storage, and the rest of it crammed in my parents has been different! It hasn't been too bad-I think that we are adjusting fairly well. Hopefully I'll be able to get some of our bazillion pictures up soon....just gotta find that cord to connect the camera to the computer......