Monday, December 17, 2007

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow....

We've had quite a bit of snow here lately, and Emily is totally loving it! She loves to put her winter coat on (weird!) and her hat and mittens too. She'll just hold her hands out and wiggle her little thumb into place. She has some cute boots too that she likes to put on. She's done a few face plants into the snow and gotten stuck because she can't move with all her stuff on-you feel bad for her, but it's kinda funny to see her trying to get up (I help her up-I promise!!). Toppling over a time or two doesn't seem to bother her though. She loves to run around and make footprints in the snow.

She always wants to go outside now. She'll grab her coat, try to put it on, and go stand and point at the front door. She'll even grab the keys and try to put the keys into the door to get it open (pretty cute actually). If that doesn't work, she'll bring her coat and the keys to us!

Here's just a few pictures that we took the other day as we were walking around in the snow. As per usual she was totally avoiding eye contact with the camera....Oh well!

That's actually our humble abode right above her hat. The first floor-little patio and the two windows to the left.....Wow, exciting-I know!!

What a mess!

Daddy was able to get a picture of Emily both looking at the camera and smiling...he's good! She was jumping on the couch and ottoman-she loves to do that. She likes jumping on the bed too-little monkey!!!

Thought I'd just give her the whole cup of applesauce and let her feed herself.....Didn't go over too well!!

It was fun to play with though!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Getting to Work

Well, I've been doing okay at getting the pictures uploaded to the site-in case that maybe I'd be able to catch a break at work to do the narrating. That hasn't quite gone as planned though. :) Usually there's quite a delay in when the post is dated and when the post is posted. Therefore, Emily decided to take things into her own hands to make sure her extreme cuteness is being shared!

She loves to sit at the computer just like Mommy and Daddy do!

OK, Crazy Bed Head, I know. Looks like she stuck her finger in a light socket! Still cute regardless!!

Saylor's Birthday!

Emily and I were able to get to Ohio for Saylor's first birthday. Aaron had to work, so he wasn't able to make it. Emily was so good for me in the car-I was so thankful Aaron's mom had given us a portable DVD player-Emily loved it!!! So did I :)

My sister's friends that were there for Saylor had kids too. It was so much fun to watch Emily interact with them. Of course I didn't get any pictures, but she was so sweet playing with one of the girls who I think was about 8 or 9 months old. Emily would start crawling following the little girl, and give the baby her paci (actually the right paci too!). Even when the baby would try to climb on Emily, she didn't mind-and was so gentle too! I haven't gotten the chance to see Emily play with babies too often, and it was so sweet to see. I mentioned it to her teachers at daycare, and they said that she is always real nice to the other babies at daycare-bouncing them in the bouncer and giving paci's and such. Our little girl is so sweet!!!

All pretty!!!

This is just her playing with her stroller, but it shows her whole outfit-and I thought she looked so cute-had to share it!!

Saylor opening presents-How fun!!

Emily feeding Saylor-Katlynn had come over to play too.

Emily absolutely loves my parents' dog 'Missy.' We taught her how to give Missy treats, now whenever Emily has food she wants to give it to Missy!!

Gee, I wonder where she learns how to do this???

Petting Missy

Giving Missy a hug!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree.....

Well, our little Christmas tree has been put up. We had gotten a small (pre-lit!) one last year for the apartment. We didn't think that we'd be using it again, but alas, here we are using it again. I put some ornaments on there, tried to keep them unbreakable. Although, just yesterday Emily knocked the whole tree over, and broke a bulb that I had. I loved that one too!! Got it at a cute shop in Mt. P-hand painted with flip-flops & 2005. I'll have to find one whenever we get down there (I'm hoping soon!). Although you lose the nostalgia of the 2005....maybe I'll paint that on there! HA!! That would be the only breakable item on there, and it would be the one to hit the ground and shatter. Take that back, there was also a palm tree that I had painted at that ceramic paint place in Boone Hall that's no longer there. That broke in two-but I'm determined to super-glue it back together. Hmmmmm I'm not clinging to the past here am I??? I promise that there are other things on our tree too-not just SC memories :) Oh yeah-how 'bout those Buckeyes??!!!!!

Here's Emily getting into the tree!

Wow, look at the pretty lights!

I did break down and bought Emily a stroller for her baby dolls ($7 at Target). She loves it!! She pushes everything around in it, covers them up with her blanky, and leans over to give them a hug-so cute!!

She loves her new mittens!

Friday, November 30, 2007


Here's a funny video of Emily laughing. She was putting a pen in my mouth, then when I would mimic her and shake my head 'no' she would just crack up laughing! Kind of a random thing to make her laugh, but it was funny! A little off sometimes because I was trying to record and play at the same time. Then-I (briefly) tried to get her to say Hi....of course she wasn't interested. I'll get it eventually! Just fun to hear the giggles!!

Thanksgiving Fun

We had a good time for Thanksgiving. We were able spend time with lots of family-that's what it's all about! We spent the weekend at Aaron's mom's house in Toledo. Emily spent most of her time trying to get to the stairs. She also picked up the phone, held it to her ear and said "HI!" So fun!! Kinda her first word. Well, maybe her second. She will say Hhhhhhaaaaaaaa for 'hot.' She uses it appropriately, but I'm not sure if you consider hhhhhaaaaaaa a word. So, she says 'hi' all the time now. She'll say it when you walk in the room, she'll take the phone and hold it to her ear and say it, she'll take the phone and hold it to your ear and say it. Hi, Hi, Hi! She also realized that she can use a fork now. The surprise on her face when she actually poked something and it stayed on! Now she always has to do it herself-little Miss Independent!

Here's a picture of her being such a big girl with the fork (she doesn't want a baby fork either, she wants the real thing!!

We also went shopping at the new little town center right up the road from Grandma's house. It's nice shopping, but a little cold outside! Poor Emily was all bundled up, and not at all loving it!

The day after Thanksgiving we went to my Dad and Nancy's house for the Moore family Thanksgiving that we always celebrate on Friday after Thanksgiving. It had been a couple of years since we were able to be in Ohio for Thanksgiving, so it was real nice to get to see everyone. Again, Emily spent most of her time trying to get to the stairs. Up, then down, then up, then down, then up, then get the idea. Starting to be thankful that we don't have stairs in our apartment!

Daddy and Emily (and the stairs!!!)

It was also my Grandpa's birthday that day-so nice that we were able to celebrate that too. We got cake and pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving!!! Mmmmmm

Here's Grandpa with two of his Great-grandchildren. My nephew Saylor, and my niece Leilani.

Saylor wearing Great-Grandpa's hat-such a cutie!!

It took Emily all day to warm up to her Uncle Mike-and wouldn't sit still or give me a smile once she did. OK, so we kinda had to trick her to get her up there, and then bribe her with the phone. Still, it remained quite the accomplishment!! Maybe next time Mike :)

Saturday we were able to go to visit Aaron's Grandma and Aunts and Uncles. Emily had a good time seeing everyone, giving their dog kisses, and pushing her doll in the stroller (we're going to have to get one for her dolls!).

After dinner Aunt Jan gave Emily a special treat. At first she wasn't too sure, but once she figured it out she loved it!!

Sunday my parents came to meet us for lunch and to hang out for a bit. Emily and Saylor had fun sitting next to each other at lunch! (I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures that the other side of the table was taking-since they apparently kept both of their attentions!)

We walked around the mall for a little bit too just to hang out-Saylor loved playing basketball!

There was a play area for kids -Emily loved to drive the car!

Something else that we are going to have to get for her-maybe next spring when it warms up again! (Hopefully by then we'll have a new house with all sorts of room to play!)

It was a pretty busy weekend, but it was so nice to get to see everyone! It will be so nice when we're living closer so that we can do these things more often!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Bargain Hunter

Just a few pictures of us playing-she is so much fun!! Everyday is something new-I can't believe how interactive she is now! She's such a little girl too. She'll hug her doll and lay her down and put her blanket on her. Then pick her back up again and give her hugs and kisses. She'll put the doll up on her shoulder and then pat the dolls back as she walks around-then lays her back down and covers her up with the blanket! So fun to watch her, she's so sweet with the doll baby! I'll have to get some pictures or video of that for next time-it's too cute!


She's been taking her trick-or-treat bag and using it as a purse-she figured it out on her own-such a little girl!

When it slips off her shoulder she'll maneuver it back up-just like Mommy!

Such serious business to attend to here.

She's got the idea-trying to save a few dollars here and there...

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

One of the schools near us had a little Halloween party for kids last night (the one that was free for under 3-yeah!!). They had lots of crafts and games for older kids-snacks too :) It was mostly geared for the older kids, but Emily still had fun. She enjoyed running around in her costume and also watching all the big kids too. Of course we thought that she was the cutest there :) I thought that there would be other kids in the same costume because we just got it at Old Navy, but she was the only one! There was only one other monkey that we saw too. So that's good-she was somewhat original. Gosh it's starting already-kinda like at a party and you don't want to be wearing the same dress as another

We were able to get a couple of pictures, but of course she would not look at me. I really think that she's playing games. As soon as I'm done taking the picture and put the camera down she looks at me and laughs-what a goober!!! So I feel like lately all my pictures are so bad-oh well. We'll keep working to get a good one.

See-she's cheesing, but not looking at me!

Playing chase with Daddy.

How can she have such a serious face in that silly costume!!

A cookie at the end of the night-what a good girl!

Today at daycare they had a Halloween party. They had a parade in the morning, but Emily doesn't go until the afternoon, so we had to miss that. But everyone was still dressed up (there was another baby in her room that had the monkey-oh well, she's still the cutest!! Ha!!). She really loved it every time that we put the costume on. She's such a girl running around checking herself out-all proud of herself.

I'm kinda sad that I had to work tonight and we weren't able to go trick-or-treating. At least she's too young to know the difference!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Monkey business

We picked out Emily's costume-a monkey costume from Old Navy! She's so cute! I was trying to take a picture while we were trying it on, but she was having so much fun running around in the costume! She was running up and down the dressing room aisle, and spinning around, and checking herself out-it was so cute!! So, the pictures are kinda blurry.

Unfortunately, Emily picked up pink-eye from daycare though this weekend. That kept us from going to my cousin's halloween party yesterday. We were so bummed!!! We were looking forward to going-especially getting to have Emily dressed up-and see what she thought of all the other kids all dressed up. We didn't want to give everyone else pink-eye too though. She also had an ear infection and a pretty bad snotty nose-we definitely didn't want to pass all that along-especially to my cousin's 8 month old!

We've been trying to figure out what we could do though-we've gotta use that super-cute costume!! We're hopefully going to go to one of the area community centers tomorrow night-there should be some fun things there for kids and they get to dress up too (kids and parents under 3 are free-so bonus!!). I have to work on Halloween, Aaron might dress her up to hand out candy-maybe go to a couple doors....not sure yet.

Since we couldn't go to the halloween party, we wanted to do something fun. We decided to go to the pumpkin patch to run around again. Figured there wasn't too much contact with other kids-and wouldn't feel bad spreading germs to kids we didn't bad is that!!!! (She had been on antibiotics and eye drops for maybe 22 hours-wasn't really touching much-besides the ground.....guilty conscious much????)

Not nearly as much fun as the costume party would've been, but at least we got a few smiles!!