Wednesday, April 30, 2008

First Pedicure

Emily's first pedicure. April 24, 2008

Where's the page to put that in the baby book??

I went to get a pedicure the other day while Emily was with me. She had sat on my lap during pedicures many times before, but that was when she was quite younger. I went this time armed with a bag full of toys and goodies, hoping to keep her entertained. When I was picking out my color, I picked out one for her too. I thought that maybe I could paint Emily's toes while the lady was painting mine-just to keep her occupied. Well for whatever the reason (maybe a language barrier-I don't know!). The lady went ahead and painted Emily's toes before she painted mine. I had never seen Emily sit so still before. She sat and stared as her toes were getting painted. It wasn't just the quick one coat that I would've done either. She got the whole she-bang! Now she'll just point to her 'pretty toes' and say flower, flower. It's so cute to see her little pink toes as she's running around-oh so cute!

Sugar Sugar

We've been having so much fun so far this spring-can't wait until the warm weather stays for good this summer. Hopefully not much longer! We've been looking at houses in our spare time, and have a few that are our favorites right now. We're gonna look at a few more and hopefully make some decisions in the next few weeks. Big changes on the horizon for the Walter family!

Aaron playing with Emily's toy golf set.

We went to a dinner at Emily's daycare, and she got to decorate her own cookie-yummy!

Emily at our favorite ice cream place-Graeter's!! Glad to be back closer to that again! What a mess though!

Friday, April 25, 2008

What to do??

Emily has been napping for almost 3 hours-I really don't know what to do with myself! Usually one and a half hours is all she'll nap for. She was so exhausted though! I was finally able to cross a few things off of my to do list! Plenty remain though-oh well-such is life! So, I did just have to share this new mascara that I have found and really really like! I'm not too much of a make-up person, really don't require anything fancy. I picked this up at target or something because I liked the green tube it was in (I'm a sucker for marketing!). I totally love it though! The brush is a little flimsy which takes a few days to get used to using, but don't even notice it now. My lashes are soooo long and it doesn't clump-no scraping the brush on the sides or anything. The tube seems to last a long time too. Anyways, I'm on my second tube and I remain faithful to my green tube. I think they have a volume one too in a pretty pink tube. I'm such a dork-but I wanted to share my cheap find. Sorry I couldn't make the picture smaller. I really should have a picture of my long luscious lashes!!! I swear that maybelline did not put me up to this!!

Hope everyone is enjoying their spring!!! I hear Emily's awake up there now...there goes my break time!!



Last Saturday (4/19) we finally got a contract on our house!! Hopefully everything will go smoothly and we'll close May 20-I can't wait!!! I will admit that I had tears in my eyes and was sad for a second when Aaron told me (I was upstairs taking a nap before I worked that night). Besides the sweet stuff about it being our first house and Emily being born while we lived there, I was kinda sad because it meant that we didn't "live" there anymore. Not that we had for the last year and a half, but I still kinda felt like we were connected. By the house selling, it's totally finishing that chapter of our lives-and I really LOVED that chapter of our lives!! It has been a crazy whirlwind of a last year and a half, hopefully things will settle soon-with the house officially closing, and us getting a new house up here. We're hoping to be able to get down to Charleston by fall-if not sooner! We loved living down there-the friends we met were absolutely great, we really miss everyone down there along with the way of life down there-there's just nothing like it! We learned a lot while we lived there and made a lot of memories that will last a lifetime!!

The next time we'll be down there we'll be annoying tourists with our Ohio license plates (just like every other tourist down there!). Who knows though-maybe we'll make our way back for retirement???!!!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Finally some nice weather!!

We have had some much needed nice weather recently. We have gotten to go outside a bunch to enjoy it too. Emily absolutely LOVES to go "ow-sigh." We've been staying pretty busy since we moved back to Ohio. Visiting friends and family in between adjusting to new jobs and house hunting!

A recent trip to Grandma Walter's house

So much fun to play in the window-endless peek-a-boo games!

She did settle down for a snugglie nap with Mommy-I still love that!

We went to Gameworks when Uncle Todd and Aunt Kristie came to visit with Jack-Emily loves darts ("daas") and excitedly pointed them out when we walked by.

She tries to throw them just like Daddy

We have had a lot of fun playing with Mr.Potato Head!! We actually just bought a Mrs. too-we've been having so much fun!

Riding her new tricycle! Not quite sure about the pedals, but has a good time sitting there. Saylor's having a good time with the trashcan lid-it's always the simplest of things.

Not the best picture, but those bubble things are fun-no bubble wands to find it's way into Emily's mouth and Mommy doesn't have to blow all those bubbles-the best $7.99 spent yet!

Easter is Egg-cellent!

It was so much fun to be with family during Easter. Emily was at the age where she could have fun with it. Not that she really understood everything that was going on, but she definitely had a good time with all of the activities! We tried to get to a local egg hunt (it was kinda cold and rainy out-yuck!). We were a little off on what time it started, so we were a few minutes late and missed it-so, we recreated the hunt for Emily and Saylor! We just put a couple of eggs on the ground-they didn't know any better-there's a benefit of their age! We also colored eggs at home and had our own hunt Easter afternoon in the house. Of course there were Easter baskets full of goodies too!! Her Easter candy also taught her a new word-chocolate!! A true daughter of her mother-what can I say! It actually comes out kinda cute "quaak-k-kit" sort of, I guess if you'd have to spell it. Here's a bunch of pictures from our fun.

Saylor at the egg hunt-he was way into it!

Emily wasn't too thrilled-had to coax her a bit.

She was more interested in the playground.

Emily had a great time coloring eggs!

Wasn't too sure about getting her fingers messy though!

Our little bunny!

Saylor had some too!

Oooohh-Easter basket goodies!!!

They were both very interested in finding the eggs we hid in the house-we could not believe how quick they were to understand, and how long it kept their attention!! They were even stealing eggs from each other and nearly fighting over the eggs if they both found one at the same time-it was a blast to watch! They were so sweet carrying their little baskets of eggs around.

The hunt begins!

"I found one!"

Filling up her basket.

"Is there any more Mom?"

Emily also got to hang out with Uncle Geoff while he was home for Easter break. I believe she's pointing to her nose-not picking it!

Saylor was just too darn cute in his little suit!

Monday, April 14, 2008

First Haircut

We finally took Emily in to get her haircut (of course this was Feb. 26....took awhile to get it on here!). She wasn't too sure about it, but she loved all the toys and fun things to do while we were in there. Grammy thinks she should have gotten more cut because the way her hair lays we still need a barrette to keep it out of her eyes. I'm stubborn and deal with it because I think it's cute!


So pretty!


"Look Mommy-a balloon!!!"