Thursday, July 31, 2008


Emily tries to be nice and give hugs to Saylor. I just don't think that Saylor feels the love!

She pretty much does this every time they're playing together-here's from a few months ago.

I guess she just doesn't see how pummeling Saylor and laying on top of him to give him hugs isn't the best way of going about it. It's actually pretty funny to watch. Saylor does do okay once we get Emily off his back-you can't help but to watch it happen and laugh though!! I suppose at least it's for hugs and not to beat each other up (yet!).

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Froggie Pool

I caved in and bought an inflatable pool for Emily (and me!) to play in to stay cool this summer. Just a little one-but it looked like fun. However, when I got home I realized that our pump wouldn't work on it-I wasn't about to go buy another pump that cost more than the pool cost. So, away I blew. Took most of the morning, but I got it all blown up. Aaron did help for a couple minutes-so I can't say I did it all-but pretty much all of it. It doesn't seem that big until you're about to pass out huffing and puffing to get it blown up!! Oh well-the kids had fun and cooled off so it was worth it. Now if I could only get up the energy to blow it back up to play in it again!

Saylor and Michelle came over to play too-Saylor loved it right away!

Emily had to wear her hat too because Saylor had his on.

Emily was a little cautious at first, but ended up liking it...I don't think she ever sat down though, come to think of it.

She had more fun pulling up the cable line flags and waving them around the yard.

Then she just sat and chilled with the girls. Sunglasses upside-down of course!

Emily loves our new bathtub!

Emily loves to take baths in the bathtub that's in Aaron and my room. She will walk up to it and turn the water on-"bat, bat" while she's pointing to it. She doesn't even sit down during her bath anymore. Just stands there playing with the water and toys. We just got these bath crayons that she can color on the tub with and she loves to do that! Just a few pictures of bath-time fun.

She'll test the water and say "cole" or "hhhot" We're starting to get "waahm" now too.

Coloring a pretty picture.

So much fun!!


So, I gave Emily what I think was her first Oreo cookie the other day. It was funny though because as soon as I gave it to her she was trying to twist it apart! Guess it doesn't take long to know the right way to eat an oreo. :)

Twisted apart and eating the filling!


Of course we made a mess-oh well it was yummy and worth it!

July 4th

We didn't have too much planned for the 4th of July, but we ended up having quite a day! We had an impromptu cookout at our house with a few friends and family. Aaron was such a trooper out grilling hamburgers in the drizzlely rain. I think he was just excited to get to use his big grill again-it had been in storage for so long!

Emily dressed for the holiday.


She found one of her snow boots. She wants to wear it all the time! She'll wander all around the house for hours with one boot on. It's probably too small even, but she doesn't care!

Emily stayed up late to watch the fireworks.

She enjoyed them for the most part, but was pretty sleepy too-what a big day!

$300 wine

So, a few years back, for whatever reason, Aaron's boss (at the time) had given us a bottle of wine. Apparently it was a very expensive bottle of wine. We had planned on waiting for a special occasion to drink it, and once we learned that we were going to be moving, we decided to have it in our new house. Well, we were thinking that was going to be in Chicago-so another year goes by-with no house, and not drinking our pricey wine. Now here we are in Ohio, finally in our house-and we decided to celebrate and drink up!

We first wanted to open it when we were done moving everything in-however we couldn't find our corkscrew to open it! On the 4th-between cooking out and fireworks-we decided again that it was time to try again. My parents were here along with my friend Crystal. We could still not find the corkscrew (I still can't-and I believe that every kitchen box is unpacked-hmmm). Crystal's friend Karl came over-and came to the rescue bringing a corkscrew for us to use!! We were excited to finally taste what a couple of hundred dollars tasted like in a wine.

Aaron goes to open it-and the cork splits in half!

We were unable to get the other half of the corkscrew out of the bottle. It became quite hilarious as we were trying to figure out what to do! We ended up shoving the other half into the wine (little cork pieces and all). Even jokingly got out the strainer to pour our wine!

It ended up working out okay-a few pieces of cork here and there to pick out of your teeth-but not too bad. The wine was actually very delicious-I wish I could describe it-just perfect!!! Too bad there wasn't a second bottle to go around! Oh well!!