Saturday, August 29, 2009

Weekend at Grandma's

Aaron's brother was in Toledo, so we went up to visit with them and his mom. It was so nice to get to spend time with Uncle Todd and Aunt Kristie! We don't get to see them too often since they live in Wisconsin. We went to the Butterfly House while we were up there. The entire room was filled with butterflies. It was kinda cool. Kinda creepy too-'bugs' landing on you and flying by. Aaron and Kristie weren't too sure about it. Couldn't quite fight the urge to swat at them! It was neat though. The next day the guys got to go play golf and Kristie, Cheryl and I took the kids to the zoo. We didn't end up staying too long because it was about a million degrees outside!! But the kids had a good time though. Jack plays so nice with Emily, and Emily really looks up to him. I hope that it's not too long before we're able to see them again!

Playing skee-ball at dinner.

Smiley Jack...

Smiley Emily!

Watching the butterflies eat.

Getting a little more comfortable. (Wearing her butterfly shirt was actually a coincidence).

This one was just laying there the whole time. They assured us that it was still alive :)

The park by Aaron's mom's house had some fun inflatables to play on! Here's Jack going down the big slide.

Playing on the obstacle course.

Jack's turn!


She kept putting her toes right up next to his while they were in line. Kinda cute :)

Playing in Nature's Backyard at the zoo.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

State Fair

Emily and I went to the Ohio State Fair with Grammy, Aunt Shell and Saylor. We were mostly excited to go to get the yummy fair food! That's the best part!! We found out the next day that Emily had strep throat! Poor girl!! I had it the week before and must have given it to her. :( I'm still blaming my strep on the ear infection she had over vacation. It's just been antibiotic after antibiotic in this house!! So, poor girl was starting to have a fever and stuff as we were out in the hot sun. She was a trooper though-a little Motrin and she was ready to keep playing! What mean parents we are always making her go go go out in the hot sun when she's sick! First in Disney, then at the Fair! She did end up being pretty sick though after this day-she had 103 degree fever for 3 days straight! I had to skip work for a couple days-and Emily had to skip daycare all week!!! Poor girl was pretty miserable for a few days. Bonus (for Emily and Mommy) was that she slept with me in our bed. That's my favorite part! She actually did okay going back to her room after she was better-I was worried that we were starting a new bad habit! Hopefully we can all stay healthy for a few months now!

I had to take a picture with Freddy and Freida!! Go Falcons!!! We did keep my chocolate covered frozen banana in the picture too :)

We watched a few of the horse competitions. Emily and Saylor actually liked it a good bit-and it was air conditioned in there :) They were so cute holding hands sitting on Grammy's lap.

We were checking out the baby cows-only a few days old!

They are so stinkin' cute!

The whole day Emily wanted to ride the merry go round. We finally rode it before we left. After it got started, she ended up crying the whole time around! She loves to talk about merry go rounds-but the only time she enjoyed them was the one in Disney World. She had to ride that one at least 3 times the day we were there. It truly is a magical place!

Even with a sick little girl-it was a fun day! We got to eat yummy food, see lots of animals and had a great time!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Smarrelli Wedding

We got to go to Pennsylvania for a friend from college's wedding. Jonny was on the golf team with Aaron. We don't all get together too often, unfortunately, so it was great to have the wedding as an excuse to see each other!

The guys at the rehearsal.

Everybody at the rehearsal dinner-we seemed to have posed this well!

Dawn and Andy-I love them!!

Brian, Jenny and their baby girl Kylie-10 weeks old! She was a saint the whole weekend!

Otto, Miller, Dusty, Aaron and Gerky after dinner.

Dawn and I with our must-have bathroom shot!

I love this picture-I wish Aaron was completely in it though!!! We stayed up late and acted like we were still in college. We're a bit older now though and paid for it the next morning!! I should find some pictures from school to compare with this one!

Clearly it was a good time :) She didn't spill though!

Some things never change.....jumping into an empty jacuzzi.....

Before the wedding. All dressed up!!!


The wedding reception was really nice! Dusty, Mikey, Otto, Miller and Gerky enjoying some drinks before dinner.

'Dancing' together during the wedding party dance. Wow....

Our usual self-portrait.

He was claiming to be 'THAT' guy all night long. He lived up to it well!

Good times! You can tell we've all had wedding pictures taken the way we pose so nicely for group shots!

Gettin' down!

Unfortunately the best picture of the bride and groom together that I have! Oops!!
Jonny and Michelle Smarrelli!

AAaanndd-one more time for good measure....

We had so much fun hanging out with everyone! Unfortunately it's the last wedding we'll have! No more excuses to get together. So-now we've got to make an excuse! I'm thinking there's a Vegas plan in the works for the spring :)

4th of July

Fourth of July was a great time this year!! Emily and Saylor hung out all day together and had so much fun! We watched the parade, hung out at Grammy and Papa's house, and stayed up late to watch fireworks!! Lots of family time and plenty of good food!!!

Emily and Saylor enjoying a popsicle during the parade.

Saylor and Michelle.

Emily and Saylor both had fun playing with those snappy things that you throw on the ground. They played with those for awhile. Yes, the grown-ups were playing beer pong.

My mom has all the trains from when my brother was little. Emily and Saylor love it! It's the first thing Emily goes to play with when we go over there. They'll build the track all by themselves and run the trains all along it.


The kids played a little cornhole too. I think they were fighting over the beanbags here...

Can't have 4th of July without sparklers!!!!

These too were a hit!

Cute cousins :)

Our typical self-portrait.

No more pictures Mom!!!!

Emily thought the fireworks were loud. She was exhausted too! She was saying that she wanted to go to bed-poor girl!

She actually did fall asleep-during the fireworks!!! She was sooo tired!!!!

What a great day!!! It was a long exhausting one for everyone-but so much fun!!