Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Geauga Lake!

OK, so it wasn't too cold, and we did go swimming!  It was a lot of fun.  There was so much to do and see!!  Emily liked playing with the fountains and liked playing at the shallow end of the wave pool.  She kept trying to step on the waves as they came up.  We keep telling her how nice the real thing is too-won't let her forget where she once lived! :)   She really enjoyed watching her cousin Cameron, uncle 
Michael, and Grandpa go on the roller coasters too-so fast and loud!  

We learned that it's a good thing there's no stairs at our apartment because she has a new facination with them!  She was quick to run over there and start climbing-thankfully someone was always there to catch her!  

At home today she used the same technique that she mastered on the stairs to climb on top of our coffee table!!  We had already taken the glass off of our table (we're living so elegantly!) because of the accidents waiting to happen with that.  I think that the base of the table will soon be in our bedroom-she really liked getting up and dancing on the table....she's a little young to be starting that!!  :)  I got a few pictures-not the best, but I had to snap quick before she fell!!

Emily & Daddy at the Waterpark

Playing with the water spouts-so fun!!

Mommy & Emily

Emily's cousin Leilani and Emily (Emily is all into the cookies that Lani is eating!!)

Saylor and Emily checking out Snoopy!!!

Family picture!

Looking all pretty for church

Combing her hair-such a big girl!!

Standing on the table!!

Oh boy-trouble!!

Snack time!!

Emily likes to get into our little "pantry" and see what she can get into.  Since we're a little cramped in the apartment the "pantry" is really just a storage container-easy for her to get into!  She always seems to find the good stuff though....

Hmmm what looks good....?

Chocolate chips?

This is what I'm talking about!!!

I want some cookies Mommy!!!

How do I get these open??

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Busy Busy Busy!

We had a fun weekend-we went to a little luau at Emily's daycare and also went to listen to a fun little band play at the local park.  Emily liked showing off her daycare-wasn't too sure why Mom & Dad hung around though!  Her teachers say that she is their favorite-it's not hard to see why!  The weekend before we went to Grandma's (Walter) we got to see a lot of family at a family reunion that weekend, we went shopping :) and also got to show off walking for Grandma!  Tomorrow we're going to go to Grandpa and Grandma's (Moore).  We're going to get to see Emily's cousins and aunt's and uncle's.  If it stays warm enough we might go swimming at Geauga Lake, I don't know-I'm a wuss now, and 70 just isn't warm enough-we'll see though!

Emily is walking everywhere-doesn't even want to crawl anymore!  It's so funny to see her little self walking around.  She finally started waving the other day-I don't know why it took her so long to figure that one out!  Oh well!!

Emily playing with sand at daycare (a far cry from the beach!!)

Aaron and Emily watching the fountain and the big kids fishing during the concert

She's so funny pushing her stroller all over-pretty strong too!!

What a big helper!!!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Growing so fast!!

It's been amazing just how much she's really growing.  We've really noticed how she is totally interacting with us more and more everyday!  She's playing peek-a-boo with us, playing games-like putting the paci in Mom's mouth (Ohh so fun!!!), she loves chasing us (usually Daddy) around the apartment-playing hide-n-seek/tag.  She gets laughing so hard-I love to hear it!!! She's really starting to mimic us too-repeating us with the same intonation in her voice.  She's discovered that she can have a fake cough too 
after one of us coughs.  She also has a fake laugh that's hysterical!!!  
She seems to use it so appropriately too-little goof-ball!!!  

With her walking, she's been walking more and more every day.  Yesterday 
though, she seemed to only want to walk.  She was walking all over the place-a few face plants during the day, but came out okay!  We've been to the mall a couple of times (of course) and she loves to push her own stroller, or for us to hold her hand so she can walk herself-slows up traffic a bit, but she loves it!!

I know how everyone says that every stage they hit is better than the last, it was so hard to believe at first, but it really is so true!!  Every day is so much fun-all the hugs and kisses, and giggles!!!  I can't believe that we're starting to plan her 1st birthday party-this past year has gone so fast!!!