Tuesday, April 21, 2009

World of Bounce

A couple of weeks ago I met some girls from work with their kids at this fun new place in Grove City. It's called World of Bounce-and it is so fun!! It's full of inflatable jump castle type things. Huge jump things with mazes and slides-so fun!! Of course kids love it, but parents can get in there too. I was kinda wishing there was an adult night though-it was kinda hard to jump like you really want to when there's a bunch of kids around you. :) The only downside is that it's not any closer to us. It was a good 30 minutes or so-and bummer of it all Emily got carsick just as we were getting off the exit to get there. That was like the 4th or 5th time that she has gotten carsick-no fun!! Somehow I had thought ahead and had brought an extra outfit. She still had a blast-it just makes me hesitant to go again. Maybe they'll come up with something up here by us soon!

This was right before we left. She was all ready to go out in the rain! She refused to take the stickers off of her face. I think they were on there for a couple of days.

Pure bliss!

Through the little obstacle course.

Loving it!

Wheeeeee!!! She went down this little slide about a million times.

She wanted to go down the big slide though-I wouldn't do this one with her-I was scared of it!! I thought I was going to have to go get her too, but she was so brave-and loved it!!

Kept climbing up for more!

Look how big this thing is!!! It goes straight down too-I'm such a wuss-Emily loved it though!! What a big girl!

It was definitely worth the trip! So much fun! She played hard and was exhausted afterwards!

This is at Shell's (new) house afterwards. I'm bummed that I apparently can't aim my camera and she's about cut out-but so cute-my little bunny! :)

Saturday, April 11, 2009


We went to the zoo with my friend Jen and her kids on their spring break. It was the first time this spring we got to go. It was kinda cool still, but not too bad-the sun was shining bright!

Emily really wanted to go on the merry-go-round. She had been scared in the past, but she was so adamant, that I figured we'd give it a try. At first, she was so excited.....

and then it started to move, and she was not so thrilled!!!! Every time that we would walk by the merry-go-round after this she would say that she didn't like it! Poor girl!! Maybe next year.

Owen and Sarah posing for a picture. Somehow I missed her other son Bailey in these pictures.

Emily wanted a picture on the mushrooms like she saw the big kids get!

Owen combing the goat.

This is the first time that Emily ever got this close! I think she wanted to be like the big kids again. :)

What a fun day!!!

Full of energy later that night.


I was just looking at pictures and here's the picture from when Emily was at the beach as a baby. She was 6-7 weeks old I believe.

And here's her still cute little feet at the beach this past month...awwww....

OK, I thought it was kinda sweet......

Steph's pinning ceremony!

Emily and I went up to Michigan for Stephanie's nursing pinning ceremony. Congratulations Steph-RN!!!!

On our way there-playing with Leilani.

Emily was entertaining herself (and the people in the row behind us) during the ceremony....under my chair.


I underestimated how much colder it was going to be up there. I left Emily's coat-and had to improvise.

She looked so sweet!

At a yummy dinner after the ceremony.

Leilani and Emily playing the next morning.

Silly girls!

It was a good little trip! We got to see Grandpa and Grandma Nancy while we were up there too (they probably have some better pictures of everyone). We also stopped at Grandma Walter's house on the way down to visit with her too! What a great time!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

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