Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Love You!!

Emily just said 'love you' for the first time!!!! I had just gotten home from night shift and she was leaving for daycare with Aaron. I was saying the usual 'bye-I love you' type thing. Emily looks back over her shoulder at me and says 'Bye bye Mommy. Love you!' Aaron and I both just stared at each other-the first time and clear as day! As I (of course) got teared up as they left she said it a couple more times. Aaahhh-moments like this is why it's so great to be a Mommy!!!! OK off to bed with such happy thoughts!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Yummy Chocolate!!

It did not take Emily long to learn when it was a good time to help in the kitchen! She likes to hold the mixer, or help pour or stir of course. The main reason she likes to help is for the yummy reward in the end!!!


Make sure you get it all!

Perfect little treat!

The people that lived here before us had a big swing-set that had a little sandbox underneath it. Well, they took the swing-set with them, but the sandbox remains. We figured we'd worry about filling it in next spring. Apparently Emily doesn't mind though-she sat and played there for the longest time!! She sat and played with the random broken toy, or straw that was left in there poor thing!! Not to complain though-she seemed not to mind. Looks like we'll be getting a real sandbox sometime so she can really play!!

She went out there by herself, plopped herself down and had a blast!

It's quite the ghetto sandbox, but she had fun!!

Such a cutie!!!


We've gotten a few good views of rainbows since we've moved into our new house. I finally got a some pictures of a good one the other day. I just think they are so amazing!! God is good!! We could practically see both ends of this one-isn't that supposed to mean something? Of course these pictures don't do it justice. You'll just have to trust me that it was amazing!

Friday, August 22, 2008

The Ohio State Fair

Emily and I went to the State Fair with Crystal and Katelyn. We had a great time seeing all the animals and eating lots of yummy fair food!! I wasn't sure how well Emily would do there with all the people, and lots of walking around, but she did absolutely great!

Emily and Katelyn checking out the pigs. Emily loved the pigs!

Emily even caught a good nap while I got to do some shopping! :)

If I had an extra $2,500-this chair would be mine!!

Emily had a chocolate covered banana-with sprinkles. Does life get much better than this?

Emily and Katelyn in the petting zoo. Every time I was trying to get close to get a picture of them, a goat would reach through the bars and try to sniff my head!! It was quite hysterical!

Emily had a great time with the goats!

Emily and Katelyn being silly :)

All done!! What a fun day at the fair!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Dress up

Emily has been wanting to wear my sweatshirt from work lately. It's really cute though when she has it on! She'll want it zipped up and everything, then she'll walk around for a bit, undo herself, and then ask for help to put it back on again-goofball!

Way too big!

A different day-but the same game. Can't even see her feet!

I got her some dress up jewelry because she likes to play with my jewelry all the time. She loves it!! She hands it to you and says "helllp, helllp." My little girly-girl!

Just fixing that last piece.

There! Sooo pretty!!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Weekend at Lakeside

We spent the weekend at Lakeside for an anniversary party for my aunt and uncle. I don't even know how to explain this place-it's right on Lake Erie, and I kinda felt like we were in the movie "Dirty Dancing." It's a gated little town or community with all kinds of cabins and houses to rent. There's also a hotel you could stay at too. There's events going on all day long things at the church, or also classes-I swear there were dance classes (which was what made me think of "Dirty Dancing!"). There were also boating classes and a bunch of other things too. Every evening at the auditorium there was a show which is all included in the daily price that you pay to get into the community. (That did add up fast). The two nights we were there there was a magic show from some apparently famous magician (we didn't get to go to that one), and there was the OSU alumni band playing a concert. That was pretty cool-Emily loved to see the instruments and listen to them play. Although she did keep asking about the Wiggles-I don't know-the girl's obsessed! It was just a neat place to stay though. Everyone walks around or rides golf carts-kids are riding their bikes all over-a safe place to just let them roam. There were a few restaurants and shops to hang out at. We had the best homemade donuts that I think I ever have had in my life-delicious!!! It was almost like a step back in time-just really neat place! Anyways-I got a bunch of pictures to share!

Pretty sunset-who'da thought Lake Erie could be so pretty!

Emily hasn't been to the beach since she was a baby!

OK, so it's not quite the same as Charleston, but it'll do for now!

She had a good time playing-and at least learned what a "beach" was!

It was hard to get her away from playing.

The next day we took the ferry up to Put-In-Bay. Emily wasn't too sure about the boat ride to get there.

Lots of golf carts on the island. That's Grammy and Aunt Shell riding in front of us. The kids were both in car seats it was so cute-they loved it!! I wish I had a picture of them in their seats....maybe Aunt Shell does....

Emily and Saylor were playing well together. Emily grabbed his hand and was taking him all over the place.

They look like they're up to something here!

Worn out from the day-snuggling with Papa.

She was much more excited for the ride back-we went up top where we could feel the breeze!

Emily still hasn't figured out how self-portraits work.

She had so much fun on the boat with the wind in her face!

She was trying to catch it in her mouth too-hysterical to watch!

Saylor and Emily walking with Grammy and Papa to the anniversary party.

Just missed the kiss.

Just playin'.

We had a great trip up there. It was so good to see family-and for a good reason too-40 year anniversary!! We're already thinking about plans to go up there next summer!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Random Cuteness

Just a few pictures from the last couple of weeks. I can't believe how fast she is growing up!!!

Coloring with Grandma.

Little Golf-Pro.

She loves to play with necklaces!

Hhhmmmm, I think those are from St.Patty's day in Savannah....

Emily really enjoys all the room she has in the basement for her toys!