Thursday, July 26, 2007

Taking Steps!!!

Well, when we went to the pediatrician's on Monday-Emily was 20 lbs and 5.5 oz!!!  Big girl!!!  
Tall too-29 in.  Most excitingly, however, Emily started walking today!!!!!  
She was so cute- she started giggling and everything.  Then when Aaron came 
home from work she walked up to him to meet him at the door so sweet!!!  
Now, there's going to be no stopping her!  It's so fun though!   


Another one.....

Mom & Emily hanging out

Daddy & Emily laughing at the monkey.

Severe bed head after naptime!!!

So cute sitting there playing

Getting into everything-bottles, bibs, cupboards, you name it-and thinks it's funny!!!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Wow-it's a long one!!!

Well-we had a good visit in Columbus.  Emily had a blast hanging out with her cousin Saylor...she beats up on him a little now-he's gonna get her back one of these days!!  They were so cute though kinda playing with each other-mostly stealing each other's pacis-can't wait to watch them grow up together!  I was with the two of them by myself for 15 minutes or so-it made me thankful that I didn't have twins!!  It was such hard work-while I was cleaning up Saylor from dinner, I had to stop because Emily was getting into the dog food.  While I was cleaning her up from that Saylor was getting upset.  So I tended to him, tried to give him a bottle-he didn't want that so I put him in the exersaucer.  While I did that-I turned around and Emily was drinking Saylor's bottle (I guess if they were twins at least it would be milk from the same Mama!!!).  A lot of fun-but thankful that it wasn't longer than 15 minutes!!!  A whole new respect for parents of multiples-that's for sure!

We had lots of fun-went to the zoo, went to a concert in the park, and of course I got to go see Tim and Faith-aahhhhh that made my week complete!!!  Good concert-realized that I've now seen him 5 times in the last 9 years....boy that's sad...oh well!!!

Emily's still not quite walking-she wants to so bad though!!!  She gets around so quick!  She's into everything too-such a busy little girl.  So fun though-she's a smart one (of course I'd think that!).  She's got a couple more teeth on the top cutting through-she's learning to bite into things (food) with them-she thinks she's such the big girl.  We also are thinking that she said her first word...maybe??  Kinda sounds like she's saying ball-we're going to have to watch another day or so just to make sure she knows what she's saying and we're not just thinking that she's saying it....could be her first word though.  She's funny too with shaking her head "no" everytime we tell her "no" (which might be frequently since she's into everything!!).  Oh yeah-something else she learned this week-I think I need to get a picture for this though-my brother taught her to throw her arms up in the air when he says "touchdown" it's pretty funny-she's too darn cute!!  

Anyways-it's obviously been an entertaining and busy week....Emily has her 9 month checkup tomorrow morning (even though she's almost 10 months at this point-oh well).  I think
she's gonna get a couple of shots :(  I'm excited to see how much she weighs now though!  Well Ok, here's a few pictures..

Saylor, my sister Michelle, Emily and my mom checking out the elephants at the zoo (OK actually I don't know what Emily is checking out in this picture-everyone else is looking at the elephants)

Just chilling at the zoo (I don't know why it's underlining again)

I can push the stroller all by myself!!!

They look so sweet and innocent right here....

Playing at the concert in the park.

I love Mac & Cheese!

I had to put a few in from the's Faith...

and here's Tim...yes on the jumbotron and little on the stage!!

Of course the two of them singing together....

Friday, July 6, 2007


Wow, Emily has been napping for the last 3 hours!!!  She hadn't really gotten much sleep the past few days while Aaron's brother and family were visiting.  I know she had to be exhausted!!   Plus with her top teeth coming in she's been quite cranky.  3 hours though??!!  I don't know what to do with myself!!!  Putz around on the computer obviously is what I'm doing....should be doing laundry or something.....oh well....We're going home next weekend to visit.  I've got my 10 year HS reunion, and also going to see Tim & Faith in concert.  Looking forward to getting away for a week and getting to see everyone too.  Have a good weekend everyone!!

4th of July

OK, this was atually from July 3rd, but we had to include it since it was a flag.  Why is this underlining??  How annoying......Yep, that's chocolate pudding on her shirt...
it's sugar free at least!!  Good source of Calcium right??  :)

Here's her pretty July 4th dress.  She was watching Baby Einstein.  Baby DaVinci 
to be exact.  
It's our new favorite.  She totally gets sucked in!

We went to the pool with Emily's cousin Jack.  He had so much fun swimming.

Emily was a little mad that we didn't get in with her.  Mostly because we didn't feel like
getting in the water.  Poor Emily with her Lazy parents....maybe this weekend we'll get
in with her.  Her top teeth are coming in (looks like 4 of them are close), so her finger was constantly in her mouth with a bunch of drool.  Ahhh baby drool-so fun!!!!

So cute!!

Yummy Lasagna!!!!

Actually it's Rachel Ray's Non-Sagna....equally as delicious though.... 

What a mess!!!