Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Pumpkin patch

This fall we went to Circle S Farms to pick out a pumpkin. They have lots of fun things to do there. Grammy, Aunt Shell, Saylor, Julie and Kelton all came with us too-it was so much fun!

There's a barn full of hay to jump and play in-with two slides too! Emily had a rough first run going down by herself, so I went with her the next time.

Saylor and Emily were pretty content just taking it all in!

What a cutie!

Aaron and Emily were checking out the chickens. Aaron told her that's where chicken nuggets come from-I'm sure she is now scarred for life.

We took a hay ride out to the pumpkin patch-Emily picked out a good one!

Baby Kelton was so good while we were there!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

More birthday fun-videos!

I had gotten a giant Disney Princess balloon for Emily's birthday that sang Happy Birthday when you hit it. Emily was having a good time dancing (or jumping) every time she made the music play. This happened for days and days after her birthday too. It was fun to watch her play though. You can see Saylor not so much into the Princesses singing, but more into throwing golf clubs...such a boy!!!

Emily had gotten some dress up things for her birthday-including a pair of Cinderella shoes. They're just slip-ons with a little bit of a heel. This is Emily first trying them on and walking in them (surely a momentous moment for a girl-right??). Her Cinderella 'blip blops.' She actually wouldn't take them off the rest of the night and had to go to sleep with them on!!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Emily is 2!!!!

Emily turned two!!! (OK, so I'm pretty behind-her birthday was Oct. 3, but I'm just now finally getting it on here.) It's so hard to believe that she is two already-I know everyone says this, but it does all go by so fast!! We had a little birthday party for her and had a real good time. Emily loved opening presents and didn't take her long to enjoy being the center of attention!

Opening presents!

She loves all her new dress up stuff!

Checking out all her new things.

Sneaking some of her cake : )


Trying on her Cinderella dress-so pretty!

The next morning was spent playing with all of her new things!

She loves to put on her jewelry.

And her 'make-up' too!

She figured out herself to make her bracelets into anklets...such the little girl.

Playing in her Cinderella dress.

Checkin' herself out!! What a cutie!

We had so much fun with our friends and family-Happy Birthday Emily!!!! I love you!!!!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Cell phone random pictures

I was going through my cell phone pictures and found a bunch of cute ones from this summer. Just thought I'd throw 'em on here.

This is when we were at Lakeside this summer. Emily and my sunglasses-go figure!

Just after we moved into our new house our neighborhood had a block party-conveniently in the court that we live in! Emily loved playing in the jump castle they had there!

She had so much fun!!

We have been introducing the 'potty.' Emily will sit (and play) every now and then.

Just reading.

Emily and I spent an afternoon at the pool. She was a little nervous in the big pool-but had a good time in the baby pool. Of course she loved that she could wear her sunglasses!

I think this one's cute-drinking her juice.

Helping me put together a bookcase.

We were getting pizza and Emily insisted that she wear her 'coat,' despite the fact that it was 90 degrees outside. Such the little style maven. Again with her sunglasses.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Keepin' Busy

Just a few pictures of some fun we've had the last few weeks. Nothing too exciting-just keepin' busy! Emily is talking more and more every day-she'll repeat pretty much anything you want her too-which Aaron especially has fun with! She has replaced her previous Wiggles obsession with Cinderella. That has been fun though-she is definitely a girly girl-and I love it!

Emily playing on the playground at the rec center.


I told her to pose for a picture-and this is what I get!

We went to the zoo with Michelle and Saylor. We were taking advantage of the cute little pumpkin photo-ops they had set up.

This is them giving each other hugs.

Impossible to get them both looking at the camera at the same time.

Emily's hugging the pumpkin.

We went to the park with Michelle and Saylor too. Emily likes the swings.

I love this picture!!!!

Yes, she still has her paci. She thought it was quite funny the other day to have two in her mouth. At this rate we'll never get off the paci!! I think the paci fairy is gonna have to come sometime this year....In her defense she woke up with pink eye the morning of this picture.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


OK, so this is an old one-finally getting it put up though! August 13 we went to go see The Wiggles!! We went to dinner right by the arena before the show. Emily was pretty observant-she noticed all the kids and all the Wiggles shirts and things that the kids had and she seemed to be getting pretty excited even before we got in there! Once we were in there and she saw all of the kids, the stage and Wiggles paraphernalia everywhere-she was in complete awe. Just looking around checking everything out!

Of course we had to get a few souvenirs.

She was not into taking a picture with me. That's the stage behind us-this was taken right by our seats-not too bad for the 'cheap seats.'

Just waiting for the show to start.

This was right when they first came out in the Big Red Car (of course!). She was so into it-taking it all in.

For some random reason she had to wear my sunglasses during part of the show-who knows!

We had gotten her a Henry stuffed animal before the show (that's the octopus she's holding in the pictures above for those of you who don't know). The first time that Henry came on stage her eyes got real big and she pointed to the stage 'Enry' then pointed to her doll 'Enry,' then back at the stage with a big smile!!! There were a few times during the show that she would start to sing or dance along-then she would look around at all the other people singing and dancing all around her and would get shy-sinking back into our laps.

Just a few pictures from the show (for those of you who know who The Wiggles are).

They put on a pretty good show-kept us entertained too. Aaron even asked before we left when they were going to be coming back. Who'da thought-Aaron, a closet Wiggles fan. :) The funniest thing about going though was that after we got home Emily seemed to not care about The Wiggles as much anymore! She used to be completely obsessed with them-we had to watch their movies or shows or be singing their songs 24/7-we really thought it was an addiction! Now we can go a day or two without even mentioning them. Sure she still likes her toys, and doesn't mind watching them-but not nearly as much as before. She got her fix, saw them in concert, she's done! :)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Love You!!

Emily just said 'love you' for the first time!!!! I had just gotten home from night shift and she was leaving for daycare with Aaron. I was saying the usual 'bye-I love you' type thing. Emily looks back over her shoulder at me and says 'Bye bye Mommy. Love you!' Aaron and I both just stared at each other-the first time and clear as day! As I (of course) got teared up as they left she said it a couple more times. Aaahhh-moments like this is why it's so great to be a Mommy!!!! OK off to bed with such happy thoughts!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Yummy Chocolate!!

It did not take Emily long to learn when it was a good time to help in the kitchen! She likes to hold the mixer, or help pour or stir of course. The main reason she likes to help is for the yummy reward in the end!!!


Make sure you get it all!

Perfect little treat!

The people that lived here before us had a big swing-set that had a little sandbox underneath it. Well, they took the swing-set with them, but the sandbox remains. We figured we'd worry about filling it in next spring. Apparently Emily doesn't mind though-she sat and played there for the longest time!! She sat and played with the random broken toy, or straw that was left in there poor thing!! Not to complain though-she seemed not to mind. Looks like we'll be getting a real sandbox sometime so she can really play!!

She went out there by herself, plopped herself down and had a blast!

It's quite the ghetto sandbox, but she had fun!!

Such a cutie!!!