Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Moore Thanksgiving

The Moore family Thanksgiving was at our house this year! We had it a little early trying to accommodate everyone's schedules and traveling. It was the same day as the OSU vs. UM game, so we were all dressed appropriately! Of course, our Buckeyes won!!! The weather ended up being absolutely beautiful-which you can't usually count on in November here in Ohio. The food was delicious too-only a few snafoos. Somehow I managed to burn the mashed potatoes (they had quite the smoked flavor to them), and also didn't have a propane tank to fry our 2nd turkey. There was still plenty of scrumptious food, so no one went hungry! It was a great time!

Gathering around the kids table.

My uncle's cute little girl Grace!

My stepbrother Michael and my Uncle Matt vs....

Colin and Aaron!! Not sure who won...pretty intense game!

Games inside too!

Emily showing off her cornhole skills.

Grandpa with his grandkids and great grandkids.

Grandpa and Steph.

Emily and Leilani were helping me to make breakfast in the morning-such good helpers!!

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